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GE Aviation - Cardiff

Nationwide Asbestos Solutions Ltd were commissioned to undertake a programme of works for the removal and safe disposal for remaining asbestos insulating board, dura steel and full environmental clean of affected areas within test cell two and three as found in their asbestos report.


Due to previous historical issues on the project, and sensitivity regarding what could be done under what level of control we wanted to start our involvement in the project with a clear view of safety over all areas.


We wanted to ensure from the beginning that the channels of communication were open, and that all parties were satisfied with our control measures and techniques prior to mobilization on site.


Following consultation with our client and site management, our company director Tom Cox attended a number of site visits to make sure that a thorough review of the work was undertaken. Duration of work was estimated at 20 days, with all required equipment, removal team, and analysts commissioned by NAS to attend site.


Due to close liason with the client along with our ability to meet exacting requirements, we were able to avoid any unforeseen delays on site, and enable us to carry out the required asbestos work with as little further disruption as possible


The Surgery, Pocklington

NAS were enlisted to undertake a programme of work at The Surgery, Pocklington. The work involved the removal and safe disposal of 330m2 of asbestos iinsulating board from below the wooden floor boards from the first floor. In order to carry out this work, we needed to create mulitple enclosures, with some areas which had suspended ceilings, to be sheeted out with 1000-gauge polythene to form an airtight containment enclosure.


There was also AIB soffits to the external, which due to the height of the building was accessed from a tower scaffold and carried out as a partial enclosure. Throughout the work, we had analysts attend site to ensure there was adequate air monitoring in order to prioritise safety and compliance.



Tayto, Scunthorpe

At the site in Scunthorpe, we were employed to remove and safely dispose of asbestos roof sheets under semi controlled conditions. Working from a  cherry picker, whilst working on the outside of the building we placed a safety net underneth the working area, along with debris netting to catch any foam iinsulation that may have fallen during removal work.


The sheets were throroughly wetted and the bolts/nails were cropped using bolt croppers. The sheets were removed as intact as possible and were then stacked and lowered onto a telehandler. After which they were then wrapped in 1000 gauge polythene and sealed.


Daily checks are carried out on every site we work on, on all machinery prior to use as well as PPE and RPE. Once all asbestos sheeting was removed, we thoroughly cleaned the area using H-type vacuum cleaners and reassurance air monitoring was carried out by an analyst team.


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